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Plastic spreaders
PPM 25
Pneumatic polisher
POL 50
Pneumatic polishing kit
POL 61
Polyester putty ultra light - azure
GAP 31
Polyester spray overall white / Polyester spray overall blue
Polyester spray overall with optional grey knee protection
Portal rotating panel stand
EQU 64
Pre-filter EU4
FIL 10-11
Prefill solvent-based
TSP 100
Premium cutter for masking film
PLA 52
Premium masking film
FOL 43
Premium pneumatic eccentric sanding machine
SAM 50-51
Pressure regulator for spray gun SPG 800 and 900
SPG 920
Pressure sprayer 1L
LSP 20
Protection film spray booth lighting
CPF 10-11
Quality of the highest level!
SPEC 8000S
Quick change sanding disc Ø 50mm
SUNI 0036-0050
Racing spray overall
RSO 07-11
Red foam pad
POP 308-314-318
Refill pack for SOF 25
SOF 251
Reinforcement canvas for plastic repair 12cm x 3.6m
PLI 15
Replacement blades
PLA 55
Replacement needles in a blister 10p.
CNS 12
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