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Cartridge ring for spray mask
MAS 09
Cleaning kit for sprayguns
MAK 00
Cleaning needle set (pen + 10 needles in blister)
CNS 10
Coding caps
LSP 50
Coffee cups porcelain Lugano 6p.
PRO 71
Colour inspection lamp 360°
CIL 01
Contour canvas for plastic repair
PLI 16
Control powder with applicator black - 150gr
CPS 160
Control powder with applicator green- 150gr
CPS 150
Cup for gravity spray gun 100ml
SPG 100C
Cup for gravity spray gun 500ml
SPG 500C
Cutter knife in stainless steel
CUK 00
Dispenser bucket cleaning cloths - Surface cleaner to be added
Dispenser for masking film single
EQU 70
Dispenser for masking paper
EQU 57
Dispenser for mixing cups & lids
MCD 70
Drying oven for spray sample plates
ILO 10
Dust & gas filtering cartridge A2 P3 for spray mask
MAS 03
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