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Coagulation powder
AEC 90-91
Coding caps
LSP 50
Colour inspection lamp 360°
CIL 01
Colour sample for touch up
LRS 40
Contact glue
TSP 1100
Contour canvas for plastic repair
PLI 16
Cover set
COP 05
Cup for gravity spray gun 100ml
SPG 100C
Cup for gravity spray gun 500ml
SPG 500C
Cutter knife in stainless steel
CUK 00
Degreasing cloths in dispenser bucket
SOF 25
Dispenser for masking film single
EQU 70
Dispenser for masking paper
EQU 57
Dispenser for mixing cups & lids
MCD 70
Disposable spray overall white
CSO 08-11
Door foam film
PLA 80
Double sided tape red
DZB 04-25
Drying oven for spray sample plates
ILO 10
Dust & gas filtering cartridge A2 P3 for spray mask
MAS 03
Dust Control
DUC 05-10-25-50
Dust Control pressure sprayer
DUC 50
Dust filtering P2 cartridge for spray mask
MAS 05
Dust mask fine
MAS 12
Dust mask P3 with valve
MAS 35
Dust removal file
DRF 05
Dust removal file
DRF 10
Dust removal file applicator
DRF 50
Easy tear masking film with masking tape
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