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Chemicar Europe respects your privacy.
Communicating via the internet and sending information, products and services to you by others means that your personal information will be passed through and will be handled by third parties. Nevertheless, Chemicar Europe does not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to market their products and services to you.

We track the number of visits to this website and the parts of the website the visitors select. We use these types of information for statistical purposes that help us design and administer this website. This information is not the type of information that discloses personal information that would permit us to identify or locate individual visitors.

During your visit to our website, you can complete a form or submit other information to us that can be considered as personal information (names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers). CHEMICAR EUROPE may collect and use this personal information to provide you with products or services you request, to market products and services of which we suppose they might interest you, or to communicate with you and contact you for other purposes.
As a visitor of this website, you agree with the registration and processing by CHEMICAR EUROPE and third party companies we work with.  

Cookies are small text or data files that a browser saves on your computer when you visit a website.
Chemicar Europe saves cookies on your computer in order to improve the website’s usability and to analyze how we can improve our website services.
This Chemicar Europe website uses :
  • Functional cookies that are used as part of the website’s security. These cookies are deleted shortly after your visit to our website ends.
  • Non functional cookies: Google analytics: we monitor our website’s usage statistics with Google Analytics, a system which downloads a number of cookies whenever you visit the website. These GA cookies allow us to check how many visitors our website gets and also collects certain demographic details (e.g. country of origin).
  • Targeting cookies: these cookies are used to optimize our SEA (Search Engine Advertising) campaigns.
You can prevent certain cookies from being installed on your computer by adjusting the settings in your browser’s options. In the “privacy” section, you can specify any cookies you wish to block.
Cookies can also be deleted in your browser’s options via “deleting browsing history”.
We use cookies to collect statistics which help us simplify and improve your visit to our website. As a result, we advise you to allow your browser to use cookies.
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