Assembly automatic gun cleaner AGC 70
Car shampoo and spraywax
CRM 45 - Masking film (4,8 m wide)
"Easy tear" masking film with integrated masking tape DAE
Finixa corporate movie
Finixa Experience Day
Finixa paint system - FPS
Flat foam pads
Fluo Markers
Foam-it! Universal, ammonia free cleaner
How to remove and replace a car logo
How to use the coagulation set AGC 70
Leather repair - filling and repairing a hole
Leather repair - repair a hole or cigarette burn
Leather repair - repairing a cut
Leather Repair - steering wheel
Leather repair - ink removal
Metal Bonding - Replacing a Roof Panel
Peelable Cabine Protect
Plastic renewal gel and FOAM-IT!
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