Black tyre gel applicator sponges - BTS 12
Car shampoo and spraywax
CRM 48 - Masking film (4,8 m wide)
Pneumatic combi sealant gun - Precise control and smooth material flow
"Easy tear" masking film with integrated masking tape DAE
Dry wash
Dust mask P3 for panel work & preparation
Finixa corporate movie
Finixa Experience Day
Finixa finishing film discs - official video
Finixa Tips & Tricks : a quick fix for smudges & marks!
Flat foam pads
Fluo Markers
Foam-it! Universal, ammonia free cleaner
Finixa Polyester putty: 20th Anniversary GAPOL
How to remove and replace a car logo
Headlight Renewal Set
Joint stopper
Masking tape coral 110° MST 419-438-450
MCP printed mixing cup & FPS lids
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