Language preference
HDPE masking film
PLA 03
High density sponge
LRS 56
High gloss
TSP 1000-1010
High tech spray overall
High transfer spray gun - base/clear
SPG 800-900
Impregnated cleaning cloths
SCR 100
Inner nozzle for spray sealant applications
CSG 01
Interface pad
POL 56
Interface pad
POL 57
Interface pad
POL 81
Lambswool pad
POP 108-114-117
Large microfiber cloth
TWL 00
Leather colour spray - white or black 1l
LRS 243-244
Lids for Mixing Cups
Lids for mixing cups
Lifting tape
FOL 51
Lifting tape ‘easy tear’
Lifting tape ‘multi’
Liquid Masking wall protection - washable
CLM 05
Little tap for WJE 05
EQU 024
Logo tape
FOL 62
Magnet holder and stand for sample plates
SSP 50
Magnet strip pliable/cuttable
PLA 45
Magnet Strip pliable/cuttable
PLA 4525
Magnetic aerosol holder
TSD 50
Magnetic cutter for masking film
PLA 49
Maintenance kit for spray gun SPG 800 and 900
SPG 910
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