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Drying oven for spray sample plates
ILO 10
Dust & gas filtering cartridge A2 P3 for spray mask
MAS 03
Dust Control
DUC 05-10-25-50
Dust filtering cartridge P2 for spray mask
MAS 05
Dust removal file
DRF 10
Dust removal file applicator
DRF 50
Easy tear masking film with masking tape
Electric polisher heavy-duty
POL 80
Electric polishing kit
POL 60
Electric polishing kit
POL 62
Electrod for wiggle wire
SWD 26
Energic slide hammer with adaptor
SWD 40
Envelopes for spray sample plates
SSP 42
Filing system for sample plates
SSP 40
Filter AGC 10 / H2O gun cleaner
AEC 20
Fine line tape blue
FOL 303-325
Finishing layer - glossy or matte
LRS 257-258
Finixa football - size 5
PRO 45
Finixa anti-dirt grid for BUC 12
BUI 12
Finixa bag
PRO 20
Finixa Beer
PRO 41
Finixa Blocnote
PRO 38-39
Finixa brush
SSS 030
Finixa cap
PRO 22
Finixa cardboard cup
PRO 34
Finixa coffee cups porcelain Neo
PRO 27
Finixa double sided microfibre cloth
PRO 07
Finixa Dust Control pressure sprayer
DUC 50
Finixa floor dispenser + bin bag fastner
SOF 92
Finixa foldable box
PRO 44
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