UV Curing lamp

UVL 00
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  • Super-fast curing times
  • Powerful irradiance with maximum UV-A intensity of 55 μW/cm² at 20cm
  • Successfully tested on UV paint products from all major paint manufacturers 
  • Only emits UV-A (395nm) and does not emit UV-B or UV-C
  • Active built-in cooling system keeps the lamp cooler in order to maintain optimum light output during extended use
  • Ultrasonic distance control
  • LCD control display 
  • Wall-mounted charging station provides a convenient recharging process and better organized workplace
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UVL 00 UV curing lamp 2 80
Useful for:
UV putty
UV putty
GAP 80
Stone chip repair UV
Stone chip repair UV
SCU 20
Tripod for UV curing lamp
Tripod for UV curing lamp
UVL 01
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