Stone chip repair UV

SCU 20
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Fast UV curing clear coat for stone chip and scratch repair
Fast, simple and cost effective repair of stone chips and scratches
1-component, fast curing
No shrinkage after curing
High level of finish
Same strength, durability and chemical resistance as a 2K clear coat
Can be sanded and polished after 45 seconds
Curing with stone chip curing lamp SCL 00

The perfect stone chip repair in 10 easy steps :
  1. Clean/degrease the surface with TSP 600 Foam-it!
  2. Sand around the stone chip with SPDM P1500-2000
  3. Clean with TSP 600 Foam-it!
  4. Apply the base coat
  5. Dry the base coat
  6. Apply stone chip repair UV with PMP touch-up tips
  7. Dry for 45 seconds at 20mm. distance with stone chip curing lamp
  8. Remove excess clear coat with DRF 10 dust removal file
  9. Sand with SPDR P1500-2000
  10. Polish with Finixa polishing system
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SCU 20 Stone chip repair UV 12
Useful for:
Stone chip curing lamp
Stone chip curing lamp
SCL 00
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