Dispenser bucket cleaning cloths - Surface cleaner to be added

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  • The bucket contains 1 roll of cleaning cloths (250 cloths) 
  • Size cloth: 300mm x 150mm
  • Use: add 700cc of Sanitary surface cleaner (SAN 05) to the bucket. Leave for 30 minutes before using the cloths.
  • Fast and efficient way to clean car keys, door handles, steering wheel, dashboard, etc. 
  • The impregnated wipes are safe to use on all surfaces, even control panels or touch screens.
Code Description Box Pal
SOF 25S Bucket 250 cleaning cloths (300mm x 150mm) – 700 cc surface cleaner (SAN 05) to be added 6 216
Useful for:
Sanitary surface cleaner
Sanitary surface cleaner
SAN 05
Refillpack for SOF 25S - 6 rolls
Refillpack for SOF 25S - 6 rolls
SOF 251S
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