Change to improve: EMM and Chemicar join forces to ensure even more innovation.

Change to improve: EMM and Chemicar join forces to ensure even more innovation.
Zwolle (NL) / Zwijndrecht (BE) – Developments in the paint processing industry are moving faster than ever. The number of changes is unprecedented. Be it raw materials, circularity, energy management or legislation, significant changes are being made wherever you look. This requires a huge effort from all links in the international chain. The reason EMM (based in Zwolle, The Netherlands) and Chemicar (based in Zwijndrecht, Belgium) joining forces is henceforth to provide international paint professionals with the very best support from a single organisation.

Great things can be achieved together

By bringing together knowledge and expertise and, therefore, moving forward as one organisation, we can continue to provide first-class product solutions for paint application. And we can do all this with a focus on paint professionals and their work processes. As the companies behind the top brands Colad, Finixa and Hamach, we promise that paint professionals both at home and abroad will be able to carry out their work in a way that is safer, more efficient, of higher quality, more sustainable and more enjoyable. Recent product solutions such as the Colad UV Fast Curing System® and the Finixa Green Paint System are examples of how new ideas can come to fruition when the whole chain works together. Finixa’s eco-friendly product line and Colad’s Pro Planet Proof product line are being developed further using this approach. The core products will be available to purchase in the short term.

What does this mean for you?

In 2021, EMM brought Quadrum Capital on board to accomplish shared ambitions in the future. In the new organisation, EMM and Chemicar will stay on as shareholders, with Quadrum Capital as the major shareholder. The management will head up the new organization under the leadership of joint shareholders Thomas van der Kooij and Piet Greeve. The merger of the two organisations will result in operations with a global reach, across more than 100 countries. This calls for additional, smart and advanced facilities, including the expansion of warehouse facilities. From Q1 2024, a total of 17,000 m² of warehouse space – with more than 10,000 pallet spaces – will be available in one location. The goal is to supply all business relationships from Zwolle after summer 2024.

We are committed to making sure the entire chain is successful and runs smoothly and we are happy to work together to ensure that this is the case. Should you have any questions, your contact at Finixa or Colad will be happy to help!

Together, we make the difference in innovation: change to improve...

About Chemicar 

Chemicar Europe NV has more than 40 years of experience in the development and distribution of consumables, equipment and training for the professional car body repair, marine and industrial markets. Through a global network of dealers in more than 100 countries, goods and services are offered under the Finixa quality label, with an emphasis on responsible quality, sustainability and innovation. Almost all products are developed in-house and some manufactured in-house. The distribution and production centre is located in Zwijndrecht (BE) with more than 50 employees. ING Belgium, former minority shareholder of Chemicar, will exit the shareholding.

About EMM 

Since its establishment in 1955, EMM has grown to become a global supplier and innovation partner to paint processing industries, including automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial. Through a continuous focus on product innovation, EMM is able to offer solutions that ensure higher productivity, quality and safety in paint processing. Products and machines under its own brands: Colad and Hamach form the basis for this. Co-creation is a spearhead in EMM's approach: new ideas are further developed in cooperation with dealers and paint finishers at the head office in Zwolle (NL). EMM has offices in France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa and the United States and more than 75 employees worldwide.

About Quadrum Capital 

Independent investment company Quadrum Capital helps mid-market companies realise their growth ambitions responsibly. Entrepreneurship, strong commitment and the contribution of high-quality management experience, network and financial strength form the basis for this. Quadrum Capital has offices in Woerden (NL) and Almelo (NL) and is characterised by strong regional anchoring, a sharp vision and a no-nonsense mentality. Since its establishment in 2012, Quadrum Capital has built up a broad portfolio of participating interests from various sectors. EMM is a participating interest from Quadrum Investment Fund III. This Quadrum Capital fund has a size of over €250 million and is primarily funded by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families.
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