What type of spray gun are you using?

Posted on 22/02/2019

What some do not know is the fact that the perfect paint job requires not only experience and skill
but also the correct material and equipment.


Now … what is a spray gun?  

LVLP, HVLP, gravity or siphon fed are just some of the terms the internet throws at you expecting to just be understood.
Though what is the difference between for example HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)
spray guns and conventional spray guns? And why would you even need one?

While the evolution of spray guns is not at par with the internet or the
smartphone, some quality changes happened over the last decades to keep up with
the constant changing market and financial demand.

Finixa has made an infographic on how the spray gun we know
nowadays has made its way into the workshop and why some of the changes took place!
Check out the infographic!
Full Finixa Spray gun product range
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