Finixa keychain made of recycled ocean plastic

PRO 47
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Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao is a program that involves research, conservation and education and aims to protect sea turtles, an endangered species. They want to raise awareness about sea turtles and the threats they face as a result of the large amounts of plastic in the ocean. Sea Turtle Conservation and an organization called Limpi Recycling in Curacao have teamed up by using art made from recycled ocean plastic as a means to get the message across. This art is offered for sale in order to raise money to help protect sea turtles.
We are very happy to contribute to this amazing program by purchasing customized Finixa keychains made out of plastic found in the ocean. By doing so, we wish to support the conservation of sea turtles.

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PRO 47 Finixa key ring (per piece) 1
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