Ketone resistant gloves

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GLQ is made from a unique formulation which provides exceptional protection against a wide range of aggressive solvents. It offers excellent resistance to ketones, including MEK and acetone, as well as aromatics such as toluene. The performance level is equivalent to our GLP but due to the lightweight unsupported glove construction it feels like a second skin resulting in greater tactile sensitivity which reduces hand fatigue.

TIP: when you feel cold through the gloves while using them in combination with solvent products, you have to replace the gloves even if they don’t show any holes. The solvent will come through the gloves and will penetrate human skin and body.

Standards and certifications

Code Description Box Pal
GLQ 08 Ketone resistant gloves - Blue - M - 1 pair 12 1200
GLQ 09 Ketone resistant gloves - Blue - L - 1 pair 12 1200
GLQ 10 Ketone resistant gloves - Blue - XL - 1 pair 12 1200
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