Drying oven for spray sample plates

ILO 10
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  • The drying oven for SSP spray samples simulates the curing process of a spraybooth by using a combination of infrared heating and airblow system for an optimum result. Drying oven is suited for drying water-based paints as well as solvent-based paints.
  • Drying oven has an air valve, a temperature gauge and a timer. Power of the infrared lamp is 300W, electrical specifications are 220V, 1.5A, 50Hz and pressure intake has to be 3 bar.
Code Description Box Pal
ILO 10 drying oven for spray sample plates 1 60
ILO 48 Replacement lamp 300W infrared for drying oven 1
Useful for:
Spray sample plates
Spray sample plates
SSP 00-01-02
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