Sprayable seam sealer

SSS 100-200-300-400
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  • MS Polymer
  • Firm-setting sealer for interior and exterior auto body seams and joints. 
  • Replaces and repairs factory sealing jobs in trunk, floor and drip rail areas. 
  • No primer needed, good adhesion, lasting flexibility.
  • Atomised, by using a combi sealant gun (CSG 00), the seam sealer can be used inside door skins, inside body panels, or any area where a sound deadening and/or structured coating is needed.
  • Standard 290ml cartridge, fits in all standard caulking guns.
  • Available in white, grey, black and beige colour.
  • Paintable after 30 minutes with any primer, water- or solvent-based basecoat or topcoat.
Code Description Box Pal
SSS 000 spraytip - 10pcs 10
SSS 100 sprayable seam sealer - 290ml white 12 1248
SSS 200 sprayable seam sealer - 290ml grey 12 1248
SSS 300 sprayable seam sealer - 290ml black 12 1248
SSS 400 sprayable seam sealer - 290ml beige 12 1248
Useful for:
Pneumatic combi sealant gun
Pneumatic combi sealant gun
CSG 00
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