Different article numbers for polishing pads

Posted on 14/06/2018

Because we are going to expand our range of polishing pads in the coming months, we want to ensure that all pads start with the same article number.  This would not be possible should we continue to use ‘POL’.   Therefore, the POL-series  will gradually be renamed and distributed under the article nr. ‘POP’. 

Polishing pads Ø145mm: new name, same product

Nothing more, nothing less. POL 20, 25 and 30 will change to POP 714, POP 514 & POP  914. As of today you can order the POP instead of the POL.
But keep in mind a small transition period; it is possible your order confirmation and invoice will read ‘POP’ (new article name) while the packaging says POL (old article name). This incongruence will only last a couple of weeks until stock with the POL-packaging is cleared out.

Polishing pads Ø80mm 

The article code change is relevant for the 80 mm version of the foam pads as well; POL 26, POL 21 and POL 31.
But the 80 mm is undergoing a few more alterations:
  • The pad is now 25 mm thick instead of 30 mm.
  • Furthermore they will be packed per 5 instead of the former 2.

    Please keep in mind that the transition period mentioned above is also applicable to this product.

If you have a question about these changes or wish to give feedback about our product innovations feel free to contact us via e-mail.
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