Finixa Control Spray "TSP 930"

Posted on 1/11/2017
Finixa Control Spray "TSP 930"
The temporary gloss layer of the Finixa control spray replaces the clear coat without leaving any trace on the surface. Spray a thin layer of control spray on a sample plate that is sprayed with a basecoat to create a temporary shine. Compare the sample plate with the desired color for inspection.

TSP 930 is also the perfect tool to detect imperfections.
The gloss layer works as a magnifying glass and it will detect errors faster and easier.
Spray a thin layer of Finixa control spray on the treated surface, the gloss layer will act as a magnifying glass, making all possible imperfections more visible. As a result, sanding scratches (most of the time it will be visible after spraying a clear coat) will be detected early.
Finixa control spray evaporates completely after use without leaving any residue on the sprayed surface (+/- 10-15min. at 20°C and normal humidity).
Let the spray evaporate or accelerate by using a wide blow gun (WJE 05). 
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